May 17th 1941

Saw Reggie Wall, who has alot of “superficial” holes in him. He was testing a plane and doing a wide circuit when six ME110s caught him over Dhibban. He did a crash landing somewhere, got out and ran for shelter and they dropped a bomb near him. The ambulance, which had been collecting the body of young Hertage, in that Gladiator, saw it and stopped for him, and was machine gunned by the Hun. Reggie had sent off a letter to Group Captain Bussell, telling him of our plight, as far as training was concerned, and that I had been saying that I ought to go back to the Frontier and the Army. Some lads, including Broadhurst, have now produced stories about the “Army officers having had it” and having applied to go back to the Army. Some people are damn swine.

Tiny and I had a drink with young Stoney this morning. Three Hurricanes arrived yesterday, to everyone’s delight. Today two Gladiators shoot down two ME110s as they are taking off from Rachid aerodrome.


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2 responses to “May 17th 1941”

  1. My father Late Mr. S. Edwares his wife and a daughter and son were in Habbaniya at this time. We lived in A/46 CC and took shelter in the treanches for 7 days! My name is Ozanus, and sisters name is Eva.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks for your comment – very interesting! Do you have any documents, photographs or maps from this period? Where do you live now? What was your father’s job on the camp?

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