May 20th 1941

Rachid is blasted at dawn this morning. Cremin arrives late and we take off in the dark and get lost. I never find the squadron so go straight there myself, reckoning on being safe as there are Gladiators about. Bombing not much good. A Heinkel, or Savoia, does a photography run this morning and on the way back drops a bomb or two. I go for a walk this afternoon and three more come over and blast the hangers. These are followed shortly by four ME110s who come down front gunning. They had a crack at the Harts on the race course this morning, so they must hang about here all day.

One general, 20 officers and 500 men captured in Falluja yesterday. Iraqi air force strength on 2nd May:- 24 “Peggy” Audaxes, 15 Northrops, 7 Gladiators, 4 Bredas, 4 Vincents, 3 Savoias, 5 odds and sods. Total 62.

Frewin went out yesterday with some civilian to find a convoy at H1-3 and saw some MEs ground strafing, so came right home.


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