May 22nd 1941

No flying yesterday. Two ME110s come over and shoot up a Douglas on the ground belonging to Dudley Withers and Dickie Bird, who are here. I take them to the Club last night, and I find Dudley is engaged. This morning woken up at 5am, as Falluja is being atatcked, and Haig, Figgis and self go off. I put a stick amongst some lorries and miss two cars going flat out, with two bombs apiece. Front gun jams so I have to come home, quarter of an hour after the other two, to find the camp being bombed, and 110s just finished and they all think I have “gone for a Burton”, as the expression is here.

Off we go again and we spot the Iraqi troops attacking Falluja, I find alot in holes and a road cutting, with two lorries under desert coloured hoods. I miss them with both sticks, but reckon I got some troops. I nearly fail to pull out of the second dive. Then down with the Vickers and two long, long bursts at the troops, who sit up and fire their rifles at me. Then no 3 stoppage (gun jam) so off home. The first sortie I got a no 1 every time after about 15 seconds. A pity as I had a runabout at my mercy, filled with troops with white hat bands crouching on the floor and hanging on the foot boards. I always cut my knuckles on these damn bomb levers, and a bad one today.


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