May 27th 1941

I go and bomb empty palm groves at Ramadi on the evening of the 25th and go off for a second trip. But the plane splutters during take off, so I throttle back, and long flames shoot out of the exhaust. I had opened the mixture control by mistake, according to Flt/Sgt Rhodes. Then up again to bomb the military school at Mushaid point, but bloody awful. Saw two flashes and two white puffs of smoke on the ground so presume was A/A fire, which Figgis (in the back) said he felt.

Heinkels at 0650 yesterday, but today’s dose not yet delivered. Blenheims continually firing up Mosul. (JDW: where the Luftwaffe contingent of ME110s and Heinkels were based.) Met Masters of 2/4 GR in the Club last night (JDW: John Masters, who had served in Waziristan, and who later became a well known novelist), shooting a line about battles round Basra. Went round with Dickie Cleaver and Allan after dinner, or “rations”, to the cricket pitch to see Hugh Thomas and the boys and his Levy company there. Had a few whiskies and we discuss hearsay tales of this war, and decide how it should be won. I must write to Ma again, but am too idle. A lot of funny fellows arrive in Blenheims here and recount their experiences in Greece innumerable times.


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