May 31st 1941

The pilot was captured, an Italian who had flown from Rhodes only the day before. He said the Wops had relieved the Germans in this country, so that’s why no Messerschmidts (JDW: spelled Messersmiths by my father) had been about lately.

Yesterday went and bombed Washash Camp, across the Iron Bridge and near the King’s Palace at Baghdad. I put a stick between the ends of two long barracks, hitting both, then four 20lb bombs through the roof of another one. One Sanderson in a Gladiator force landed some days ago on Falluja Plain and walked in by night through Iraqi patrols. The Levies refused to admit him by the wire, so he had to spend the night in the graveyard, with all the new Iraqi unburied dead.

Rachid Ali departed for Persia, and the new Government gave back the Ambassador his wireless to send a message asking for peace terms. Letter from Bill. C.O. said we would go to Operational Training Unit in Egypt and the other boys to do their Intermediate Training in Rhodesia!


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