June 6th 1941

31 Squadron arrived here. Dougie Homes, Bird and O’Neil staying here, the rest in the AHQ Mess. They bring the ‘onlooker’ with them. Met one Walters, RIASC, at the swimming pool who left 56th in 1937. He said Willie Armstrong has a staff job in Shatt-el-Arab hotel in Basrah. Nine Harts and nine Oxfords have gone to Egypt, but Allan (Haig) and I still here. Germans, in French type machines, raid Amman yesterday, so it won’t be long before they are here.

Looked over an ME110 in a hanger today, built in 1940. Flew a Hart from the Racecourse, to the main ‘drome, and also gave it an air test. Nothing registered on HSI and it was a more frightening trip than any I did in this war. Landed with some engine and a good drop! – but she stayed down.


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