June 29th 1941

Another long weekend, but I seem to be still here. I am introduced to air-to-air but seem to make rather a cock of it. My rifle arrives from Abbottabad, but there’s going to be difficulty getting ammo as it all appears to have been taken over by the Government for ‘parashots’. Do 16 miles on the horse yesterday, which rather shakes him. It doesn’t seem at all as though I was once at the war. I feel I have been in India all the time.

Letter from John Palmer in new Battalion in Bareilly, but 56th are still at Wana. I hire a table fan, R5/-, and sleep outside with it full on and no mosquito net, and am cool for once. Before leaving Habbaniya I sent my trunk, suitcase and spare bistar (?) to transportation section to be sent to Abbottabad, but naturally nothing known of them. Annoying, as my .22 Winchester is with them.


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  1. “bistar” is a Hindustani word meaning mattress or bedding. Military personnel of that period (and till around the 1960s) in India all seemed to travel with a roll of bedding and a trunk, as standard issue.

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