July 10th 1941

I believe I had a birthday yesterday – rode the horse to my favourite wood and then filled myself with beer and Pims, had dinner, and so to bed. I wish I had someone to talk with here over a mug of beer. Young Haig doesn’t drink, but I could talk with him in Habbaniya, but somehow not now – we’ve drifted apart since returning to this country. It must have been those two days in Cairo! I should like to be sitting in Tommy’s Bar, over a large cold shandy, with Bill Robinson and Mike Jacobs!

Peter Petit reported “missing believed prisoner”. Munshi Professor Khan Sahib Haidari calls on me yesterday. He shows me all his chits, a photo of himself, tells a few praiseworthy stories and just drips, oozes and humbles himself for 10 minutes. All for the money he hopes to make out of me. I am nearly sick when he goes.

Low level bombing today but not very successful. No pay for Iraq yet. There is a Government of India letter “The following Indian Army officers” – then all the names except for mine.


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