July 14th 1941

Went up to Missourie for the weekend with A. Haig. We get a lift in a car with Taylor and Scorer, two sergeant pilots on this course, and reach there about 7.30pm. Tea in Dehra Dun and up through the mist to Missourie, 6500′. Very good shooting country, and round Dehra Dun too. We go to stay with Captain A.J. Lys, Violet’s uncle, where her people are staying. Of course A. does not tell them he is coming and complete panic reigns as we catch them at dinner. Still, they put us up. A scotch mist and rain all day, spent in the “family circle”, after a visit to Missourie in the morning. Reminiscent of Kashmir and Abbottobad. We return at last “gate” at 5.45pm, arriving here at 11pm, and damn hot. Still, a pleasant trip and some nice jungle, green and lush in the mist, and cold. Duggie Holmes arrives with General Wavell.

The instructors from 4 FTS formed into a fighter squadron and were operating over Palmyra from H4 and were ambushed by alot of Huns. John Craigie killed, Dan Cremin shot down and got away. Peter Williams a prisoner, but presumably back with the armistice. Gordon Arthur took off one evening from Baghdad for Basrah and his burnt out plane was found the next morning. He had two american bankers on board I believe.


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