July 20th 1941

Two hits in the 50* ring yesterday, dive bombing. Haig went off to Naini Tal on Friday and one of the CGI’s little chits came round on Saturday morning asking him to report. I say to bearer he is sick and later they ring up at lunchtime for him and I tell the boy “Nei hai…”

I go out at 3.30 to waterworks and we walk about in the evening unsuccessfully, though I shoot a hare with Reggie Wall’s .22 BSA repeater, a shocking gun, over who’s sights I haven’t the mastery. I sleep in the open on a comfortable camp bed and pillow, after eating a cold meat salad meal, stuffed between two plates. I sleep to the bubbling of a hookah and the tonga wallah’s ponie’s grunts. At dawn we go off and walk for four hours through the jungle. I get several good shots at a jackal, but owing to not knowing the sights I miss. Suddenly a big black buck leaps across a clearing, but by the time I have changed guns he is lost. Eventually find a herd sitting down bang in the middle of some fields on our way home. I am led up to some cover, disguised under sheet as a villager, and the others go round. Eventually I get a shot from lying down behind a bush at about 150′ and the rifle bounces on my shoulder and I miss. Drank alot of water out of a well, and got home for a good bath at 12.30.


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