August 8th 1941

Went to the Boat Club Tuesday night and met one Crosbie, a sea captain, who staked 7/- on the fruit machine which I helped to lose. I get slightly inebriated, and join up with Boulton’s party, and dance with Braithwaite’s wife Mary. Next day I go to the zoo at the shrine of of Mungo Pir and see ‘holy’ crocodiles, with Reggie Wall and W/C Sylvan Roberts, ex Habbaniya. He says the instructors have all pushed off to Rhodesia.

Well, after 11, 10 and 7, today I score 50. This I do by giving up all idea of stall turns, but I just throttle down slightly, then turn onto target, letting the nose drop, and with her speed she does not swing so much and is easier to keep on target, or so it seems, and I was able to pull out once or twice above 400′.

My application to stay out to Sunday evening and shoot crocodiles refused, and I have to return Sunday morning (by W/C Mead, damn him). Met Firmstone-Williams in the Boat Club. Have been having my war dreams again. I remember seeing parachute troops falling and a German attack by tanks under cover of smoke (or fog!).


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