August 12th 1941

I go to drinks at the Commissioner’s house, am introduced to Mrs Clark. Dinner with the Commissioner, where Philip Lorraine is staying, then on to the pictures with George and Margaret, and then on to the Boat Club. Next day my shooting not too good, but I got in two good bursts and score 44. Some Indian gets 48 that day.

That afternoon I pay my bills, spend some time alone at the zoo, then drinks at Dirk’s house where David Evans is staying and they take me to the pictures. I then go on to the Gym – party is Lorraine, Mrs Clark and Eileen Collins but depart early, 2am, tired and bored. Next morning I drive the car to the station and hand it over to Allan Haig. See Sam Lewis on the train and he tells me to write about my pay to Baler at AH/Q. Off we go on a bloody journey to Ambala, no A/C, and my prickly heat spreading all the time. The rest of the gang are in a special coach which gets detached in the night and left behind.

Arrive back here at 7pm, bearer out. However a good bath and three Pimms improve things.


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