August 27th 1941

We have a tactical exercise. Two flights at Jullandur, two in the A.T.S. hangar and two out in a field near the grass farm. I am out at the grass farm under “Logger” Powley. We have dispersed a/c, tents, slit trenches etc and pupils as flight commanders, intelligence officers etc. It ought to be a good show if well organised. I do a day’s work, first time since May, putting up tents and digging trenches. We are raided by Jullandur flight, who drop a plucked chicken, cleaned out, along with a note saying “Stuff it”. We do counter raids etc. Yesterday was employed from 2.30-5.30pm supervising “C.C.” pupils digging, a thankless job. Haig in Jullandur. I have a drink with the C.G.I., Harris (squadron leader), and he is quite human out of office hours.

Nearly an incident today, when Mehra borrowed my helmet and goggles without my knowledge. Then, once in the plane, he throws mine out to Glover and changes them for some plain glass ones. But no one has commented on it so far!


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  1. Very surprised and glad to find this diary of Dunford Wood and thanks to Jagan P. who notified me. I was especially pleased to see the August 27, 1941 entry, which mentions my namesake Canadian uncle, Frank (Logger) Powley, who was posted to RAF 27 squadron at Kohat in 1937. He eventually became commanding officer of A.T.S at no. 1 F.T.S in Ambala in 1941-42. Looking forward to following this blog.

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