August 28th 1941

Nearly went mad last night with toothache. Started around 8.30pm, so I had no dinner and hopped into bed. Eventually Chandikar suggested going to get me some medicine, so I sent him off to B.M.H. and he returned with two aspirins. I took one, a drink of water to swallow it, and the ache left immediately.

This morning Taylor and I go off – we recco Dhuri railway junction, then do some flash bulb bombing from 6000′ of Nakodar. Then he leads for a low level attack on Jullandur where I throw out Haig’s letters. Taylor and I go in from different angles, in fact I cross under him at one point – I thought maybe I was a bit too low. We return via Nakodar where we do some practise dive bombing – on returning to Ambala I see the camp being attacked, so dive in and take three numbers. I then land, and another flight of four comes in. I take off quick and pursue them, overhauling them about three miles beyond the city. I take their numbers, ‘cock a snook’ at Baldwin, who is leading them, and then home. Then I get my raspberry.


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