September 14th 1941

The Lysanders arrive, and I have now done 1.15 hours in them, though I don’t seem to have gotten them taped yet. Today I do a Tac/R (tactical reconnaissance) to Fort Lockhart at 6600′. Wonderful visibility. A ‘V’ on the hillside near Hangar and a ’54’ on someone’s parade ground. (JDW: does anyone know what this signalling meant?)

My foot now much better and I get a game of tennis. Much bridge with Traill, Stilliard and Penton. In fact I am having a damn good time as well as behaving myself. The I.A.F. boys prang the Lysanders the first day at Peshawar, by braking on landing and putting a wing in. 2 Squadron I.A.F. is now here, and we call them “The Brethren”. They fly Wapitas.

28 (Army Cooperation) Squadron

Sq Ldr W. Coade AFC
F/Lt W. Traill DFC (now Sq Ldr)
F/Lt N.H. Elliot (my C flight C/O)
F/Lt A.S. Mann
F/Lt W.C. Duncan
F/Lt K.R. Butler
F/Lt A.S. Johnson (from Glasgow) Adjutant
P/O C.C. Dickson (Trained in Rhodesia and just arrived in India)
F/Lt D. Stilliard – station adjutant
F/O Butcher – equipment officer

A.I.L.O.’s (Army liaison officers)

Capt Vir Singh – 14 Punjab Rifles
Acting Capt C.A. Penton – Border Rifles

In addition F/Lt O.A. Hammerbeck and F/O E.O. Clark, war torn horses from the Middle East, have arrived. I reckon they have had it! Hammerbeck took a Lysander to Risalpur today and shot it up. Sq Ldr Malling, C/O of 5 squadron, rang up and complained, and now our new station C/O, Wing Commander Thripp, has taken his flight away from him.

I meet Springheel on the golf links the other day, and see a ‘Harlow’ over from 5 Squadron.


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3 responses to “September 14th 1941”

  1. “. A ‘V’ on the hillside near Hangar and a ’54′ on someone’s parade ground.” Popham Panels – some method of the ground troops communicating with Army Coop planes by laying out Cloth panels on the ground that can be seen from the air..

  2. The late Sq Ldr Ken R Butler (103sq), passed in Nov. 1998, loved his time in India. Above in the 28 (Army Cooperation) Squadron.
    This is great reading he would have loved it.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Hi James – thanks for your comment!

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