September 19th 1941

We take Yolande and Eileen Huggins to dinner at Faletti’s and to the cinema, after seeing the bridal train off. Next morning, while signing the movement book in the Adjutant’s office, I see “JHS Broughton” down as orderly officer or something, and sure enough I find he and “Stooge” Garner working in the cypher office, being still off flying.

Took off at 10.05 and got back in just over two hours to find that 2 squadron had just had an accident. Muckerji and an airgunner, after low level bombing in an Audax, did a climbing turn, steep at 200-300′ and slipped in, broke his u/c, turned over on his back, and both burnt to death on the bombing range. There’s then a balls-up about the funeral, and I am the only British officer from 28 squadron at the ceremony, though some of the others eventually make the burning party.

Today I have a shocking time in a Lysander, being unable to get it onto the ground. Twice I manage, but have to do ground loops to prevent going into the boundary fence, and third time takes about five circuits to get in. I must be using too much engine in assisted approach. I don’t know.


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