October 25th 1941

Out of hospital now for a week. Put in for ten days leave to float down the Indus from Mari Indus to D.I. Khan. Granted I hope and D.V. I go off tomorrow night. (JDW: D.V. – abbreviated latin, Deo volente for God willing). Harman had arranged to go with me, but now he is being posted and can’t go. I tried to get Scowen and then Dicky but both failed to get past the adjutant.

I bought some stores, lots of bully, and 200 cartridges, and hope for the best. But what a shot am I with a shotgun? My bearer, I hope, will cook? Amar Khan, the SSO’s mali, is the best shikari, but he can’t be spared so they have got me another and boatmen for 140/- rupees, and I sent 50/- advance. I receive 465/- in notes as my ‘uniform’ allowance according to regulations, but no sign of any pay for Jan-June 1941 in Iraq.


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