October 27th 1941 – On the Indus

Two black partridge and a quail on the same ground. Then down to four grass huts called Kopriwala for the night. A sortie after duck proves useless as they are too wary. The jungle at Kopriwala is thick grass, mostly seven feet high, so shooting not much good, though I did surprise six partridge in a small field, but they all got away.

Waited till 0900 the next morning for Kopriwala’s two pet muggers to appear (JDW: the ‘mugger’ crocodile, a marsh crocodile common in India) but they didn’t oblige so we cast off. Spent the morning chasing duck and missed twice with the .22, and also a “Karmoor” which I stalked along the bank. Halted for tiffin as a mugger sighted in the water, but as he didn’t come ashore after an hour, we set off again. Halted for the night at a place where there are plenty of white partridge, though I only shot one. A pet mugger kept, so after the morning shoot we all look for him.


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