October 28th 1941 – On the Indus

I get four partridge and lose one, two being full deflection shots, so I am improving. The mugger appears but the sentry says it’s grass, so Amar Khan and I go off in a small boat to recconnoitre. The ‘grass’ slips into the water, so we land just opposite in the jungle. Ten minutes later he pokes his nose up, has a look around, then lands on a mud flat about 100 fet away. Using Amar Khan as a sandbag, I draw a head with my Mauser on its neck and hit it too, following up with one in the back and a miss. Amar Khan wild with excitement and we row across quickly and pump .22 bullets through its eyes. Ten feet, four and three quarter inches, and it’s taken ashore and skinned, the corpse objecting to the whole procedure. I don’t think I’ll shoot any more, as must save the cartridges.


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