November 28th 1941

I manage to fly OK, though with one ground loop. Next day I practise landing in small areas, and Bill Duncan is willing to take me despite the size of D.I.K. ‘drome (he goes round twice himself eventually). However, the Wing Commander says there must be no mistake so Butler goes instead. There is no 230 anywhere (JDW: 230 octane fuel) and they have to go to Miramshah to refuel.

Off to Peshawar in the 2nd X1 football team tomorrow – back on Sunday. Butler posted to F.T.S. Ambala. The intrigue in the squadron is shocking. Johnston and Hammerbeck are known as “that chap” and “that other chap” and it all weaves around them. A bad spirit all round, all a/c on the ground u/s, no work ever done by officers, and no training for new pilots.


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