December 19th 1941

I cannot start in the morning. Scott and I and a policeman and a greaser wind for one and a half hours. Then I ring up Kohat and am told to get the IAOC to look at the batteries. Ten out of 12 cells are dry so they put in another to start it and I return to Kohat, Scott going on by train. Next day Bill Duncan, Clark and I go and do a V.B.L. (or B.B.B.) demonstration and land at Akora. I can’t hit anything with my bombs on it. Today I go off early to Thal and take Colonel Gilpin to Islam Chanki, the Burma landing ground, and back to Kohat. He takes me up to the upper and lower Shinki bridges where he inspects the Tochi valley defence works which have started building. We also have a shooting match with the contractor who wants a pass to take his Mauser into Bannu. Beautiful flying and landings today.

I now have an RAF blue uniform for Rs144, having received Rs465 for it, so it will put me about square on the pay question. Jerry Beale comes down for drinks and dinner last night and seems to be in good form. A letter from Pam Russell in Calcutta; not bad going.


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