December 20th 1941

The Japs seem to be beating us. All RAF leave in India stopped and we are ordered to stand by to proceed to Burma at short notice. Complete panic and everyone flapping. Well, I don’t feel so happy about this one as the last war I went to. (Iraq). Why? Haven’t I always been a firebrand and hoped for war? As a soldier, yes. But I think this job I enjoy all the time, and go to bed thanking God for tomorrow and the flying I shall do, which I never did in the army, except the days before road protection in Razmak.

Some forced landing practise yesterday. I ‘cut the gun’ at 3000′ and landed on the aerodrome without using engine which I had never done before in a Lysander. I have bought two tin boxes at 9/- and 12/- each. As good as the English uniform cases for £3-10-0.

A letter from Peggy which seems fairly cheerful.


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