December 21st 1941

We are moving to Burma next month apparently. 2 Squadron are doing our job in Karachi. Sgt Ridley takes off in coarse pitch and crashes over the ‘drome boundary without hurting himself. I fly Penton to Chaklala with 20 degree drift, and yesterday fly Mike Gilpin Thal-Bannu-Peshawar. I try to land in Thal in weak mixture (JDW: anyone know what this means?) but luckily the throttle won’t come back and I see it in time.

A nasty skeleton at Peshawar where young  Namgyal, heir apparent of Sikkim, undershot and went to his death in flames. It saves them burning his body I suppose. (JDW: Namgyal was the passenger).

All teed up and nowhere to go! A party in the Sgts mess last night and I get together with Falconer and Sgt Sedgewick. Cpl Doughty teaches me to ride a motorcycle and yesterday I do the camp seven times, by day and by night, safely.


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  1. Weak Mixture refers to the fuel-air mix: I think the lean mixture (More air + less fuel) as opposed to Rich Mixture (More fuel ).. Lean Mixture best for cruise settings and rich mixture for take off /climb etc.

    Great to have Ridley’s name in this entry!. I knew that N1273 ( ) pranged but didnt know who the pilot was…

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