December 28th 1941

We gave a dance on 26th to which all Kohat comes. Hammerbeck brews a very good hot rum punch which is much approved. Jerry Beck very drunk. I have dinner with the Pentons first, which was really the best part of the evening as far as I was concerned. Teddy Humphries arrives last night after being ‘lost’ by the Indian Government in Cairo for six weeks. “Tiny” Irwin swears he is a V.R. (JDW: not sure what this means) to all and sundry, and is trying to push his way home. But now Teddy’s been found they’ll like as not catch him too.

Our rail party has to be in Calcutta on the 10th, so don’t suppose we shall leave (for Burma) before 28th January. Peace establishment, British rates of pay, in rupees I believe.


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  1. VR could mean he is an RAF Volunteer Reserve

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