December 30th 1941

I go over with Jerry to visit the Kohat Pass Arms Factory. A most “kachha” idea and no sanitation visible. Small boys turn sort of bicycle wheels which work lathes for boring the barrels. Other men make the various parts and then you can have ‘B.S.A.’, ‘Ishapore’ (JDW: the Birmingham Small Arms company, and the Indian rifle factory in Ishapore) etc stamped on as you choose. One stamp was ‘Ezfield’ (JDW: presumably a mis-spelling of Enfield). Arms are only made on demand but you can choose your own barrel and bolt etc and have the lot put together in your presence with a walnut stock. Martinis sell for 40-50/- and Lee Enfields for 60-70. They also make shotguns, single bore.

Later went riding with Blackwell on the ‘Piffer’ horses and did some magnificent jumping, which I hadn’t done for years.

A trip to Miramshah today to take a spare part over. ‘Springheel’ Jack is a Lt/Colonel and off to Delhi to command 20/6 R. Rifles, a garrison battalion. A farewell party in the Piffer Mess and I stay on late to dinner with Blackwell, discussing Burma and Army cooperation in general. A great party at the Pentons on the 28th – I am in cracking form owing to ‘old Angus’ and Vodka. We play ‘Murder’ and ‘Consequences’ and some pretty rude ones turn up.

Air raids on Rangoon – the day Wavell was there!


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