January 3rd 1942

I celebrate New Year in bed as usual. Bill Duncan overshoots and writes off a Lysander at Miramshah. I have been there three days running on various jobs – doing air to air which was damn bad, though I get one hole on the drogue. (JDW: A drogue parachute – a funnel-shaped or cone-shaped device towed behind an aircraft as a target.)

Today a signal in requiring two Lysanders for shore patrol in the Andamans from Port Blair – only Nobby and Nelson volunteer, whilst I am still thinking it over. Sgt Ridley to go with Nelson and I get rid of my useless airgunner, Sgt Turner too, with them. I am put in charge of enrolling followers and it’s a hell of a job.  A havildar from 7/13th comes down to drill them daily. I am all packed up ready to go. The rail party departs on 6th, and will be in Calcutta on 10th.


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