January 17th 1942

I get Joe Nelson round for a drink last night, with Olga, in the “Ladies Room.” Pete Jennings objects to me ringing the bell so much and spoiling his news, so tears it down. Then he and Hammerbeck come and join us and then we go to the Pub for more whisky and back to the Ladies Room for dinner. I get rather tight but in bed by 12pm. Hammerbeck annoys me. He is always ready to talk about the Western Desert and the hours he has put in. He means well, poor chap, but does get our backs up. Bill Bowden of 60 squadron recently heard over Tokio radio!

What the brassiere said to the hat “you go ahead and I will give these two a lift.” I wrote to Baker at AHQ and told him my moans, but I expect he will be so fed up with us he will return us to the army, or post us to a squadron in India where we can’t complain. I do want to see Burma – now!


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