January 21st 1942

Teddy Humphries comes back from Lahore and prangs his Lysander – breaking the tyres and straining the u/c and wing. Joe married yesterday, but I’m not invited. I buy a bottle of whisky and we give Jack Moulding a farewell party in his room. Loftus of the ‘Camels’ there and Pete Jennings in cracking form. Yesterday I go with Farr in the Valencia to Miranshah as second pilot. Rather like driving a ship in a heavy sea, but I manage OK. We inspect the “Scouts” Mess but no one in.

Today I go with Bill Tate to Peshawar as second pilot. Hammerbeck goes in a Lysander and attempts to shoot us up, but is outmanoevred by Bill who swings his Valencia into aeleron turns and eventually puts her down to about 160 and chases him down to the ground. Then both landings are done by side-slipping turns.

I call at Grindlays (Bank) in Peshawar and fix up a few things; also I give Hammerbeck a piece of my mind when he starts being rude on the tarmac.


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