February 4th 1942 – Rangoon

Bill Tate forced landed somewhere, so they say. “Z’ and Toungoo bombed yesterday. Pete Jennings rings up and orders me to get his Lysander from Johnny Walker to Ningaladon and return to Toungoo after lunch. I phone Alec Johnston who fetches me, we visit the accountants and eat strawberies and cream at the Savoy. They (Army & RAF Staff) have a Mess in the teachers college where I have dinner, meeting Bill Adams (7/13) and Hugh Seely, now on the Staff.

Today some War Correspondents, including the famous Gallacher of the Daily Express, drive me to Group where I try and raise a truck for the flight. I find out the detachment is to continue, but cannot find a truck. I then collect my ground staff from Ningaladon and here I am back in Zayatkwin, expecting two Lysanders any day. Saw Ronnie Alden, now in IAOC.


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3 responses to “February 4th 1942 – Rangoon”

  1. Bill Adams? Who is he? The only Bill Adams I know was a brave and brilliant man who owned Brancaster Hall and did lot to defend his country…could it be the same, the one and only?

  2. You must have met him, Jamie! Gaby’s husband…Brancaster Hall etc

  3. Well, Bill and Adams are rather common names! However, my father refers to this man as in the 7/13 regiment – that I think was the 7th Battalion of the 13th Frontier Force Rifles of the Indian Army (my father had been in the 2nd Battalion). Was your Bill Adams in the Indian Army? Alternatively it could refer to the 7th Battalion of the 13th Somerset Light Infantry. Could you find out if he served in India or Burma?

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