9th February 1942

Joe Nelson arrived and collected me from Z and he, I, and Dickie go to the golf club and get rather drunk with the war correspondents Gallacher, Webber and Stow (‘Snow White’). Next day I load up with two 250s and get ready to raid the Moulmein area with Majunder and some 1 Sqn chaps. Raid cancelled at last moment and 1 Sqn returns to Laskio. Hammerbeck turns up with orders for all to return so yesterday Nelson and I come up to Magwe, where the squadron has moved. CO and Teddy the only ones here, and 113 and some of 60.

Bill Tate dies as a result of his injuries. He force landed some 20 miles off Laskio near the railway, and General Hutton, despite a crack in the head, beat out the flames and pulled him out. Burt Mann ordered his passenger the ADC to bail out, which he did, and then crash landed himself but is OK. They took off from HeHo for Laskio by moonlight.

Sgt Hammet got hit by a bit of bomb at Toungoo, and various others were blown off aircraft or had miraculous escapes. Today orders received – send six aircraft, and six from 1 Squadron, to Namsang for bombing raid on Chiengmai tomorrow. No fighter cover. We can only raise one, which is me, and off I go after lunch. It seems bloody dangerous, as no fighters this time. Last raids there were more fighter escorts than Lysanders!


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