February 14th 1942

Pete Jennings and I have dinner with the DSP, one Benson, an excellent dinner after rations, though we don’t sit down until about 10.30 pm. On Friday 13th the C.O. and I fly down from Magwe, as all serviceable ‘Lizzies’ are required down at Rangoon. We all go out to a landing ground called “John Haig” with 1 Sqn I.A.F. and spend two nights in the golf club. “Mush” (?) Howells takes Joe Nelson and self into town and we meet Logan Gates and then go to the Silver Grill for dinner.

Yesterday we stand by under a bit of chattai cover at John Haig all day, but nothing happens. We see Jack Moulding in the Silver Grill in the evening and Johnston with some “Chicklees” (?) girl he had picked up from somewhere. We tour the brothels again but too smelly and horrible for words.

Today out to John Haig and off to bomb the ferry at Duyinzeik. We are taking off when it is postponed one hour. Off we go and I attempt to drop mine on the village, but the first dive has a hold up. I have another try and it goes off, though I stall the engine pulling out too steeply. Not much effect, and nothing much to bomb. Hammerbeck also has a hold up so lands at Mingaladon. It drops off on his landing, a 250lb, and breaks in half so he gives it full throttle and takes off again, having deposited his ‘egg’ on the runway.

They send us out lunch to John Haig, stew, bread and tea, but no plates or eating irons! Today we are billeted in C.I.D. lines. We have an empty house as mess, a bed or two, and we steal blankets and sheets from the golf club and bring them down here. All have gone to town for a meal, but I have to remain as duty officer, in case anybody telephones. There is a 24 hour dhobie service at the golf club. (JDW: dhobi or dhobie – an Indian washerman). I am happy anywhere if I can get a dhobie, a bath or cold shower, and hot water for shaving, but I doubt I shall get any hot water tomorrow morning.

We got three ‘jeeps’ the other day, for 1 Sqn and ourselves, but they are allotted to 135 Sqn today. The Japanese well across the Salwan and into Thaton, over where we went today; most of their air force appears to be attacking Singapore, but we shall buy it when it falls. (JDW: Singapore fell the next day – 15th February 1942).

The moon has started again, so more bombing shortly I expect!


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  1. “Chicklees” could he be referring to a gum-chewing girl, i.e., a girl chewing Chiclets? See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiclets.

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