February 18th 1942

Yesterday I go off and bomb Moulmein railway station. I follow Pete Jennings and drop mine between two engine sheds in what I hope is a slit trench. Then C.O. says “you and Dickie go and fly Hurricanes”. We go off yesterday to Mingaladon and Dickie flies but I don’t as the sun is setting a bit low. Today I fly, windy as hell, but manage three landings all right. Then I drive Bobby Clark home and Dickie and I toss up as to who will ‘stand by’ at Mingaladon and who will go to John Haig and perhaps go on a raid. I win the toss and elect to stay, as there is probably a reconnaissance to do in the afternoon. I ring up operations, and as there is nothing for me I do another hour’s Hurricane flying. I circle John Haig and see the boys taking off for a raid. The fourth kite to take off bursts into flames and turns over on its back. I am nearly sick in my cockpit and return to Mingaladon. Of course it is Dickie with Sgt Sedgewick in the back. Both killed. One of the aircraft taking off drop 40 lbers whilst taxi-ing, but Dickie is airborne so they explode and he and Sedgewick ‘go for a burton’.

I have to do a Hurricane recce tomorrow and am “windy as hell”. I always said that Dickie would be the first to be killed, and after Bill Tate he went. Burt Mann arrives down here from Maymyo. I feel too intoxicated to write any more.


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  1. […] old German signs are still up on the flying fields, and the whole set up reminds me of the Japs on Mingaladon (in Burma). No postings forecast for about one month and I am allotted a week’s leave on 14th […]

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