February 27th 1942

Am sitting in Watch office and we see 12 Jap bombers come over. Then like a bucket of gleaming fish we see the bombs falling, then the whistle, and as they seem to be using the Watch office as their aiming mark, I think my last minute has come. C.O.’s Lysander and a Blenheim burnt. That night two more Blenheims go up. The Japs now infiltrating round Pega, and everyone ready to make off, but apparently we are not going yet. What worries me is if a bomb damages my Lysander! I might get a seat on the convoy if I’m lucky, to Magwe, but I suspect the Japs will have cut the road.

Today a dawn recco, very frightened and see nothing. Fired on by a Bofors, after taking off near Tankkyam. Reckon I have had enough war for the time being. What about a weekend in Calcutta or somewhere.

W/C Carey gets second bar to DFC. He also has DFM. Watson and Underwood of 135 missing, the latter after ground-strafing Moulmein landing ground. Burt Mann on a recco now. Reckon its my turn again shortly, and not looking forward to it. Using John Haig today, and made a bum landing.


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