March 2nd 1942

Much confusion – we expect to evacuate any minute during the last four days. The Army withdrawing down Pegu road and round North on the Poonie road. We, us and the fighters move to Highland Queen to support the withdrawal. A few reccos and yesterday I see lorries and Japs crossing the Sittang river at Mokpalin. On returning I land drifting to port and am so intent at looking at the ground that I fail to notice where I am going. After a few ‘touch downs’ I notice a Hudson and a bowser loom up (off the runaway) and too late I attempt to use the throttle and swerve away.  The end of the main (?) breaks on the bowser and I land on my nose. Luckily the wheels collapse and I leap out thinking “fire”, being delayed by my telephones catching in something. S/Ldr Stone says he is taking me off Hurricanes. ‘I need a rest’ or something, so I wonder what the hell I do now.


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