March 6th 1942 – Magwe

I go up to Zigon again to see S/Ldr Andrews. The strip now 1200 yds and I have lunch and a rest. Very pleasant, lolling in the chattai shade and a cooling breeze whistling through the side. Scott is there too so they are old campaigners and know how to look after themselves. After lunch we hear the familar drone which denotes Japanese bombs, and shortly afterwards seven silver aircraft go over, Jap bombers at about 1500′ on a course for Magwe. Apparently they bomb Prome. I return feeling very refreshed and more like flying, to see G/C Singer in Group and fix myself up to come to Magwe and collect 5000/- that Andrews wanted for payment of his labour.

I set off yesterday with G/C Seton-Broughal as passenger, after a Jap has been over Highland Queen on a recco. We head west for a bit, and then sneak up the river. I find my tin box (Gunn having given me a map of how to find it) and then see SASO A/Comm Parry-Keene. He says I am to join Com. Flight and then fly Hurricanes on reccos. I say I thought my squadron was transforming to Hurries, and he says yes, they are doing a conversion course at Risalpur. I then demand to go there too, but he says ‘Oh no, you can fly them already’. Then we argue for a bit and he says he will see what can be done about it.


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