March 16th 1942 – Magwe

We go to Yenangyaung a couple of times to swim, and yesterday hit a black partridge on the way home. Moule arrives from the front to be Paddy’s stooge. On Friday 13th I take off in a Hurricane and wonder why the tail won’t come up. I put the tail trimmer forward a bit and the stick and give it full throttle. The end of the runaway looms up. DC2s etc, and I just manage to get off like a Lysander. I then look at the revs and am horrified to see only 2000! I throttle back and they drop to 1600 and off the clock so I come in and land quickly, and find the constant speed has not been properly connected.

A lot of Blenheims being lost on low level reccos so I expect we shall have some trouble, as Pierce seems to fancy this low level stuff. A Blenheim got back the other day with the pilot shot dead, and the crew bale out over the ‘drome.

We have a ‘Laskio Bus Service’ wagon as our flight office and the PA’s car which I obtained by a wangle. I still don’t seem very keen on this flying, but I expect it’s through having nothing to do. As we are non-operational just now, we have been made duty pilots, so I’m sitting in the office doing nothing just now. We mess in the Commissioners house – very pleasant drinking beer on the lawn in the evening, though there aren’t many glasses, watching the sunset on the Irrawaddy and listening to the Quoels (Brainfever birds).


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