March 20th 1942 – Magwe

I go on operations again. Hilton and I fly to Park Lane, the Prome landing ground, and then try an R/T test with the army on milestone 135 (north of Zigon); the R/T fails, so I go off and do my recco of Myogwin railway at 50 feet, with Hilton weaving behind me. He loses me once or twice but we manage OK. Hardly operational flying though, as it all seemed to be on our side of the “line”. We have two Hurricane 1’s and Pierce and Harris go one day, and Hilton and self the other. That’s the scheme anyway.

Another day at Yenangyaung, and Paddy and I buy a couple of bottles of wine, which we consume in glasses with ice, during a local beer drought which lasts for two days. Saw Penton at Park Lane.


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