March 27th 1942 – Maymyo

I go down to get into my a/c and see them all running for the bushes so I run too, and over comes another raid. It is followed by a dozen ’97’s’ turning and twisting like birds behind one another as they shoot up the ‘drome, their red suns and undercarriages clearly discernable. Like toy Frog aeroplanes. Then I go off on my R/T test with 17 Indian Division near Zigon, but not very satisfactory. On my return Pierce tells me we are off to Laskio, and another bombing raid starts. I count 27 bombers in formation. Hilton in our Hurricane flies to Akyab, and the six that remain out of 19 Blenheims. I see Parnell land with his legs up, but not hurt. I load our van with rations, a case of beer, and a lot of maps for O’Malley. O’Malley in his jeep, Pierce in his car, Moule in his, the two new PRU pilots Van Rooyen and Thirwell in a Hillman, and self, form our own convoy. We leave Magwe at 8.30pm and drive through the night until 2am, camping by the roadside near some water, before Meiktila. Tea and tinned salmon for breakfast and then off again.

We get some fuel at Mandalay from a RIASC pump near the gates of the old fort and then on up here. I am behind the Hillman and rather slow, with trouble from impurities in the petrol. Paddy is waiting at the top of the hill with some baskets of strawberries at 1.5 annas each! We park in the Club here, sleeping by our vehicles outside in case anything is stolen. We dine at Angelino’s and watch the popsies, as nothing obtainable in the Club, and then to bed, to freeze under three blankets as its 3000’ here. Reminiscent of Dhara Dun.


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