March 28th 1942 – Lashio

We drive on up to Laskio. A beautiful drive and a good river near Hsipaw where I would like to camp for a bit. Laskio has changed a bit.  More buildings and its full of the Chinese Army. Prices have soared alot and 50 Players cost at least 6/-. I get a watch for 55/- as the watchmaker at Magwe bolted with mine after the bombing raids. Harris is here with the Tiger Moth, having flown around Toungoo at 500′ looking for lost Chinese troops. A lot of B.O.’s on the Chinese military mission and I see A.B. Millar’s name in the book as having passed through and paid his messing. Also Major Theyre of Wilts on his way to command the DWs.

The scheme is for 17 squadron and us to go to Loiwing and reform and re-equip, and then come back down to the war, and for 45 squadron to stay here and do the same. Strange birds call all night and good sleeping under a couple of blankets. Thearle and Van Rooyen are due to return to Egypt. Van Rooyen and I go round and find some Burmese nurses and talk to them through their windows, but apart from that can’t even get a chota peg under 2/-. Moule finds some of his kit here but someone has stolen his gun from out of his case. Paddy puts his clock by his bedside, and when he wakes up it has vanished.


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4 responses to “March 28th 1942 – Lashio”

  1. This is a fantastic account and appreciate its being made available on the net. One correction here though–Laskio should actually be Lashio.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks! I will correct that – I suspect my bad reading of my father’s handwriting rather than his mistake, but hard to tell!

  2. Yes, great material. One clarification. For March 28th 1942, the diary reads: “The scheme is for 17 squadron and us to go to Loiwing . . . .” The “and us” leaves me unsure: was Dunford Wood in 17 Squadron or a different squadron?

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks for your comment. No, he was in 28 squadron at this time.

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