March 31st 1942 – Loiwing, China

I organise a shooting party, but about 50 chaps with rifles come, and naturally we see nought. The guide, a BFF Hawaldar, fires the bush to drive stuff out but I don’t see it.

Yesterday we go and examine the landing ground, and I go for a walk up the river above the bridge, and sit on a rock and contemplate. The acme of peace up there. A Jap recco plane shot down over here by AVG who use Loiwing field. I set off from Laskio with all my kit, but my kit bag doesn’t seem to have arrived and is lost. Contains all my footwear, but worst of all my helmet and goggles. All I have now is the third pair of goggles. I buy a pair of PT shoes, and with chappies and flying boots, is all I have. S/L Stone very contemptuous of my organised shoot and brings back 15 doves last night saying they are wood pigeon! Today adjutant Crowther and I visit Nankham market with the Havaldar, and many strange sights seen.


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