April 25th 1942

The Japs are coming Yohoho!

Pierce does a recce between Heho and Namsang on the road where they have broken through. He sees lorry loads who fire rifles and tommy guns at him. I am sent off in a Blenheim and we go down as far as Loilem without seeing much, though we get fired on by Bofors type. Lorryloads of Chinese troops pour past the mess and down the road to stop the gap. Very bad weather prevents me going down last night, but he goes off this morning and they are coming up the road near Kehsi Mansam on the road to Laskio. Everybody packing up and making ready to go to Loiwing, but not much hope of getting to India again. I am due off this evening to see where the Japs have got to, so hope I shall be alright.


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