May 12th 1942

Am I nuts? Not quite. I arrive on the train and see all the boys at the station, who have come to meet Hammer’s fiance and the bridesmaid Marianne Evans. We drink beer, 10am, and then back to the mess. It’s the white house in Hinoo which we have taken over and would be quite comfortable if there was a fridge of sorts. The servants are pretty bum but we manage, and are on rations too. Well, yesterday was the marriage, and Robin White and I were ushers at the Cathedral. A “Lizzie” flew over and dropped confetti. Then back to the mess and the binge lasts from 12 to 8 when the last guest departs.

I go off at 2.30 am and lie down as I have to play football, and through my room to his goes Robin with Joyce Knowles to lie down, as she is a bit tight. Later on she starts fighting him and I go in to see what’s going on, clad only in a towel. She is keen on biting and I have to calm them down, both of them half naked.

I go off to my football and end up in the Club at a dance. Meet Basil Seaton and Penton there and do some dancing with the Marianne and Betty, the 14 and a half prodigy. The rest of the week seems to have been spent drinking late at various places. I take General Symes of 70 Div to Jamshedpur and on a recce of his area, and am due off to Calcutta with him tomorrow. We are under 70 Div and beat up their camps occasionally but that’s about all. 30 officers and 300 men got out of Myitkyina and the Japs now in Loiwing and Yunnan Province.

I thought I was doing well with the bridesmaid but Teddy has now taken her over and anyway she is going back to Murree, a nurse in B.M.H., tomorrow. I have no aim and ambition just now, unless it’s to get married, but who to – and I’m not ready yet. Hope nothing contracted in Calcutta. It’s going to be hot here soon despite 2000′ odd. Officially promoted F/O from 30/10/41. Haig in 155 fighters at Risalpur. Dozens of new A/SD chaps in the sqn.


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