June 16th 1942 – Shillong

Much drinking in the club and in the mess. Peter Allan up here; also met Jack Moulding and Tony Ward, the latter just off. Some people called Jim and Jane Lindsay of Calcutta and quite a few girls. We have a bit of bother at the club the first night, and have to see the secretary and pay 21/- before we can get a drink. The C.O. has a girlfriend also called Morris and I spend a night in her spare bedroom, unbeknownst to her, as Boy Morris drives the car into a ditch on the way home, so I have to walk the woman home and then can’t find the car again until it’s damn late, and I don’t feel like sleeping in it.

Sunday I go for a walk to Elephant Falls, some 7 miles up the Cherrapunji road, getting a lift part of the way. Coming back it starts to pour, so I shelter in a small chai-khana with half a dozen Burma Rifles, eventually getting a lift home. I go for a half pint at the Club and then get myself in on a picnic up 14 milestone on Cherrapunji Road. Six of us – Jane, Peggy and Daphne Myer and assorted boyfriends, and we swim in a horrid cold pool full of sharp rocks, and then have tea. Tennis and slosh (?) yesterday with Lindsays and Daphne. About 25 officers here now, from 221 and 224 Groups, and the men do a little PT and drill in the mornings and then have the rest of the day off. No dhobi, and we have to take our stuff into town. The weather improving, with only about one good shower a day. We have a ladies night Tuesdays and Fridays and the last one was pretty terrific. I’m now trying to snare them all again for the next one. At last I write a letter to Peggy.


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