June 23rd 1942 – Shillong

We have a pretty good house warming party, but Pat is unable to come at the last moment. I have a long talk with Sheila on the verandah. Jane Lindsay spends her time necking with this Morley Owen chap, 7 G.R. Saturday we go to the races, though I don’t bet, being too preoccupied watching young Pat, then we go to the Pinewood for a drink and Peter Allan invites me to supper at the Club. I do a quick change and return to the Pinewood for a drink and then on to the Club with Pat and the Barclays, 10 G.R.

Sunday I go on a picnic and swimming with Jane, Morley and Daphne and as the former two spend their whole time locked in each other’s arms I find it a bit embarassing. Then I try to organise a party to the races with Bhanj Deo (?), Grubb Bell, Sheila, Pat  and GB’s girlfriend, and find that Pat is already going with the Barclays, so that’s that.

I return to Calcutta next Monday, but in the meantime I don’t know what to do. I’ll have to give up asking girls to do this and that. Chaps here – Tidswell a very nice Aussie of 45 sqn with whom I share a room – Bellinger of Park Street fame – one F/Lt Marsland of 136 sqn, a bit of a “chaw” and a “lineshooter” but a good scout at heart – “Stinker” Murray the adjutant, once in the Guides – Mackwood of 62 sqn, a Ground Defence officer. And old Paine, my friend from Loiwing, known as “Cherrapunji”, it being the wettest place on earth and a few miles (30) from here. A letter from Aunt Babs, dated December and posted in March.


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  1. Bhanj Deo is a name – probably of an Indian officer, maybe a descendant of the Orrisa (Ranchi) royal family.

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