July 23rd 1942

I go up the Tochi and have a look at the Datta Khal area, where the forthcoming operations are to take place. The fort has a ‘T’ and disc out, but I don’t know what it is, so drop a message on Miramshah about it. Pierce does a photo trip and on the way back his engine gives trouble, so he lands at Mirali damaging the tail wheel and spider (JDW: spoiler?). Sgt Gray, who is catching us up, takes off at Delhi and the rudder falls off the top hinge. He manages to get down on the runaway but prangs and breaks the kite’s back. The CO returns yesterday with engine trouble. What nice aeroplanes we have!

Spent this morning in the canteen with peaches and a bottle of Kiaora, and there seems to be nothing to do and Hammerbeck doesn’t tell us anything. A letter from Jane who says that Guy Marsland and Peter – of 136 sqn – fell out over Daphne Meyer and that Guy fired two shots at him.


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