August 8th 1942

Hammers, Jacky, Pierce, Larsen, Burke and self go to Peshawar in the truck and stay Saturday night at Dean’s Hotel (11/-). We swim in club and then do some drinking, having a rather hilarious dinner with champagne at about 10pm in the club. Very stuffy in the rooms and I wake up wanting a drink and have to drink tap water. Sunday morning I take the boys down to the bazaar, with my bearer as guide, and we buy Hammers a young parrakeet for his birthday. Lunch at the club, but I am feeling a bit tired after last night’s bad sleeping. I get stung by a hornet on the way home, but suck out most of the poison before it takes effect.

Intelligence at Miramshah reports that Robin shot two and wounded three other tribesmen before he was killed. He had one bullet wound and a knife thrust, both in the back.

Getting bored with life again. Time I did something once more.


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