August 10th 1942

I am sent to Razmak with Falconer and 16 B.O.R.s to salvage Ridley’s prang. We have to stay two nights in Bannu rest camp, a dreadful joint, but I am able to get rid of the Club tickets I have hoarded for all these years. I spend the days swimming there and getting prickly heat. Also make some money at Bridge in the club. Then to Razmak by convoy. We have three Crosleys, a float, a crane and a ‘mamuli’ one, and the two former are stacked with young unarmed Dogras. We break down about four times and get left behind by the rest of the convoy, but manage OK.  I get the B.O.R.s [British other ranks] out to take up positions, but it’s a pitiful site to see, rifles in one hand and equipment in the other.

Between Greenwood’s Corner and Razmak Narai I hear shots, and they make the sort of noise I always reckon they do when they are being aimed at one. Sure enough the leading lorry sees them bouncing on the road in front of them.

In Razmak we stay with K.O.S.B. [Kings Own Scottish Borderers] but they are out on the Column and Courtney-Hood in charge of depot. We feed at district HQ mess, and the best food I have had this year. I meet the old “spin give” (?) munshi in Boretts Park. We get the kite loaded up and are now waiting for the next road open day.

I go down and do 1.5 hrs roller skating at full throttle, then go home for a bath and get out shivering all over. No sleep that night, and next day I am aching all over and when I shake my head a large stone rattles in it. Eventually I get to hospital, and they take a malaria blood slide, but no result yet. I sign on a new bearer Ayub Khan, a Poonchwala who was bearer to Agar of KOSB, killed on the Column. I feel a bit better today so perhaps it’s not malaria. Three Indians in this ward, and one plays Indian music on his radio all day.


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  1. My understanding – Munshis (sort of secretaries) were mostly wont to make up reasons / excuses why something was not possible hence ‘spin give’. Quite a brilliant, term of phrase I must say!

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