September 7th 1942

I take to the air again, with an air test. A strong cross wind across the strip, but I manage three landings OK. Low clouds at 1500′ so I try some cloud flying. I manage a few spells for 15 minutes or so, but then everything goes haywire and I see the ground above me and a hell of a speed on the clock. I open the throttle and just manage to pull out with about 300′ to spare.

Then I go to Patna with an ICS official [Indian Civil Service] and bring back the Governor of Bihar. Weather not too bad, I go round the rainstorms and eat sandwiches in the Bihar Flying Club until H.E. is ready. He is impressed by my Tommy gun! We refuel at Gaya and I set course for Ranchi. Awful weather looms up, but I am blown off my course and pick up Ramgarh before I run into it, so I follow the road home at 300′ in blinding rain.

Bought a fishing rod yesterday, but don’t know what I shall do with it. Also wrote to Jane as I reckon I am due a rocket from her. Bill coming to India on a course at Ahmadnagar. Excellent dummy Hurricanes on the aerodrome. I was flabbergasted.


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