October 6th 1942 – Calcutta

We get back OK via Allahabad to find Hammerbeck back in the chair again. Then the cock up begins. We get two more Lysanders from Madras and they are pretty dud. I am now in Calcutta staying with the Lindsays. I came down in the back of a Lysander with Sergeant Hilton who was to take back a General today. Now Sergeant Cameron has arrived for another one and both of them are now going, and Bengal Command want one a/c to go to Dinjian with a General tomorrow, and it scarcely has the hours. And I can’t get hold of Cameron or Hilton!

Yesterday I go swimming at the “Tolly” Club and then to the Saturday Club where I see Peter Bond, Devitt and Logan Gates. I have a drink with Gates at the Great Eastern this morning. I think I shall make a cock of this trip unless I am careful, but S/Ldr Gill at Bengal Command insisted that it was an order, so that’s that. The Lindsays have a very nice flat out here in Altipore with a back garden overlooking a canal, and Hurricanes roar past all day long. Pat Anderson is engaged to some chap in the papers, of which I don’t quite approve. Daphne Meyer has also hooked someone up there in Shillong. A lot of Chinese wandering round the town now, and Americans as well.


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  1. Thanks for posting…interesting stuff.

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