October 11th 1942

Cameron’s A.S.I. goes u/s so he lands back and the General goes by DC3. I manage to get four bottles of Highland Cream from the Spencers, do some shopping in the bazaar, and then drive out to DunDum with Watson, who is down collecting transport for our A.L.O. section. I then have a drink at the C.N.A.C. canteen where I see the A.V.G.’s doctor again (American Volunteer Group), and then fly Hilton sedately back to Ranchi. Hammerbeck goes to Group and comes back saying “You’ll be able to laugh at 20 squadron within a fortnight” – perhaps we are getting new kites? Like hell.

I retire one evening with the shivers. Doc Matheson thinks it might be malaria, but next day I am OK, and the day after I get it again so off to hospital. Dirty, blood stained sheets, cobwebs all round my corner, and yesterday I feel awful and cannot keep my eyes open. I doze for short periods all day, and am sick a few times and eat two biscuits. I drink plenty of nimbanpani (?) and keep down 2 out of 4 quinines.


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  1. nimbupani – lemonade (lemon water)

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